Ben's Wipes Insect Repellent-$8.00

     -12 Individually wrapped wipes
       -30% DEET Wilderness formula
       -Water based
       -Repels: mosquitoes, black flies, stable flies,deer flies, biting midges, ticks and chiggers

       -Easy to Use, Easy to Carry

Ben's Insect Repellent 37ml-$5.00,120ml-$10​.00

       -Easy to use pump spray
       -30% DEET Wilderness formula
       -Water based
       -Effective for up to 6 hours
       -Repels: mosquitoes, black flies, stable flies, deer flies, biting midges, ticks and chiggers

Ugava Cream Insect Repellent 60ml-$7.50,120ml-$10.00

​       -30% DEET

       -Effective for up to 6 hours
       -Easy application, dries quickly, moisturizes your skin, non greasy
       -Repels:mosquitoes,black flies,biting midges,deer flies,horse flies, stable flies,ticks and chiggers
       -120ml is Unscented 60ml is Citronella Scented

       -Made in Canada

Pi Active Insect Repellent Kids & Adults 175ml-$12.00

       -20% Icaridin (Picaridin)
       -DEET free
       -Health Canada recommends as a first choice for children 6 months of  age and older
       -Effective for up to 12 Hours

       -Repels: mosquitoes, black flies and ticks

       -Non–scented, non-greasy, does not dissolve plastics​
       - 5+ years shelf life

       -Easy to use pump spray

Care Plus® 100ml Insect Repellent-$8.00

       -30% DEET

       -Repels mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, ticks and chiggers

       -Effective for up to 6 hours

       -Easy to use pump spray

       -Non scented 

Care Plus® Mosquito Net Single Bed-$45.00, Double to King Bed-$52.00
       -Long-lasting Durallin® impregnation remains effective up to 3 years
       -Extra tuck-in flap along the bottom to fix the net firmly under the mattress
       -Easy to hang up, only one attachment point
       -Supplied suspension kit
       -Weight 310 grams*Single Net*
       -Weight 600 grams *Double Net*
       -Dimensions (packed) 7.5 x 25 x 34 cm Dimensions in use diam x height 1050 x 250 cm *Double Net*
       -Dimensions (packed) 10 x 21 x 21 cm (open) 220 x 100 x 140 cm *Single Net*
       -Mesh Colour: White
       -Exceeds WHO guidelines with 156 holes per sq in

Pristine Water Purification Tablets-$8.00

       -Tablets have a 5 year shelf life
       -Contains 50 tablets, each tablet treats 1L of water
       -Solution is iodine-free, contains sodium dichoroisocyanurate
       -Manufactured under pharmaceutical guidelines and regulations
       -NSF certified

ThinkSport Sunscreen 89ml-$18.00

       -Top Rated by EWG with a “1” rating Since 2010
       -Free of biologically harmful chemicals
       -No avobenzone, oxybenzone or UV chemical absorbers
       -SPF 50+
       -Highest level of Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection (as per FDA 2012 Rules)
       -Highest level of water resistance (80 minutes) (as per FDA 2012 Rules)
       -Non-nano formulation – Average particle size >100microns
       -Non-aerosol formulation (High concern for both ineffectiveness and particulates being inhaled)
       -Free from: parabens, phthalates, PABA and 1,4 dioxane
       -Applies and absorbs easily – non-oily feel
       -Does not have an obtrusive smell (like many organic sunscreens)
       -TSA Compliant 100mls travel size 

​​aLOKSAK Phone Caddy - $10.00

       -The aLOKSAK is an element-proof storage bag that prevents leakage and preserves items against         

           damage from water, air, dust and humidity
       -These bags are made of a durable polyethylene blended film and are 100% water/air tight
       -They are considered disposable though, unlike other 100% water/air tight bags, they can be opened and         

          resealed many times
       -Certified waterproof to 200 feet by SCUBA Schools International

       -100% protection from water, sand, humidity, and snow
       -Made in the USA
       -Reusable and recyclable
       -FDA and NSA approved medical grade materials for food and biohazard storage.

       -This phone caddy is large enough for an iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note without a case as well             

          as other valuable

​Florastor Probiotics - $40.00

​       -Florastor (Saccharomyces boulardii lyo) is a non-pathogenic yeast probiotic that acts as a temporary flora      

           to improve and maintain your intestinal health
       -Florastor is marketed as an antidiarrheal in over 90 countries worldwide
       -Controlled clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Florastor in preventing or treating several        

           intestinal disorders including:
                                                 -Antibiotic associated diarrhea

                                                 -Traveler’s diarrhea 

                                                 -Recurrent Clostridium difficile
                                                 -Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
                                                 -Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)

​Knock Down Bed Bug Killer - $10.00

    ​*Carry In checked luggage only. 75 Gram Aerosol. Regulated by Health Canada.

      -A water-based compound non-irritating to humans and animals.

      -Convenient aerosol application with extension tube. 

      -Kills bed bugs and other crawling and flying insects on contact.

      -Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not spray more then once a week.

      -Treat your mattress while abroad: Spray mattress and replace bedding after 15 minutes.

          Ideally, leave a window open and leave the room. 

      -Treat your suitcase on return: Empty, spray and leave in garage or outdoors overnight. Wash your clothing.  


​​Go Girl Feminine Urination Device-$15.00

       -GoGirl is the best way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. It’s a      

           female urination device that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.
       -GoGirl fits easily in a purse, pocket, or glove compartment. It’s a must for-Travel and sports. And it’s       

           great for everyday–no more crouching over or-Trying to cover up an unsanitary public toilet.
       -Only GoGirl is made with flexible, medical grade silicone. Dispose of it after use, or clean and reuse as        

           you like. Our patented splash guard eliminates messing and spilling.

       For additional information: ​

Holiday Kit-$25.00
       Everything you may need that you forgot! 
                    -10 Anti-Nauseants                    -8 Benadryl
                    -6 Pepto-Bismol Chewables        -6 Imodium
                    -4 Rehydration Salts                   -1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
                    -10 Aqua Tabs (Water Purifier)    -20 Alcohol Swabs

​                    -10 Tylenol Extra Strength          -5 medium and 2 large Band Aids

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