~ If You Are Travelling to Africa or South America,

You May Be At Risk of     Yellow Fever & Malaria! ~ 

~ Malaria & Yellow Fever

Can Be Fatal ~

~Please Bring Your Care Card,

A List of Your Current Medications,

Your Vaccination Records &

Your Travel Itinerary

To Your Booked 

Travel Consult Appointment. ~

      -Get a pre-travel health assessment               from a travel health clinic.

      -Obtain full travel health insurance.

      -Take enough supplies of your regular           medication and carry proof you need           them.

​      -Drink only bottled or purified water             and avoid ice cubes-drink plenty of             liquids.

      ​-Eat foods that are recently cooked and         served piping hot.

      -Eat fruits and vegetables the are                   freshly peeled or cooked. Peel it, boil           it, cook it or forget it!

      -Wash your hands often or use hand              sanitizer.

      -​Protect yourself against mosquito                 bites. Use repellents containing at               least 30% DEET.

      -Avoid contact with animals. Seek                 medical advice if you get bitten or               scratched by an animal.


      -Do not swim or wade into fresh water.          Wear shoes or sandals when walking            on the beach.

      -Use sun block with minimum SPF of             15. Wear a hat.


      -Always use a condom if you have sex           with someone you meet when                     traveling.

      -Be aware of your security. Don't flash          valuables. Avoid going out at night.

​      -Always wear a seatbelt. Motor vehicle           accidents are a most common cause            of death among travellers.

Travel Health Tips

Let NBCTHVC Travel Health Advisors Help You Plan For A Safer Trip!

~To Ensure Proper Vaccine Coverage, Contact Our Travel Health Clinic Preferably

6 Weeks Before Departure. ~

More Travel and Vaccination Information Available At:

Public Health Agency of Canada


Center For Disease Control


BC Center for Disease Control

http://www.bccdc.ca/health info/immunization-vaccines

Health Link BC


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Northern Health Influenza Information


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