~Please bring your care card, a list of your current medications, vaccination records and travel itinerary to travel consult appointment. 

Northern British Columbia Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic (NBCTHVC)​ 

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More Travel and Vaccination Information Available At:

Public Health Agency of Canada


Center For Disease Control


BC Center for Disease Control

http://www.bccdc.ca/health info/immunization-vaccines

Health Link BC


Immunize BC


Fit For Travel


Northern Health Influenza Information


~If you are travelling to Africa or South America, you may be at risk of yellow fever and malaria. Malaria and yellow fever can be fatal.

Travel Clinic Prince George

Travel Health Tips

Let NBCTHVC travel health advisors help you plan a safer trip!


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Our clinic is currently out of the yellow fever vaccination. Please contact our office for more information.

Up To Date Zika Information

Travelling With Children to South Africa


~To ensure proper vaccine coverage, consult our travel health clinic preferably 6 weeks before departure. 

~We also provide non-travel services like TB screening, flu shots and more!

Planning a Trip?

Get Immunized

It's Your Best Shot!

      -Get a pre-travel health assessment               from a travel health clinic or your                 family doctor.

      -Obtain full travel health insurance.

      -Take enough supplies of your regular           medication and carry proof you need           them.

​      -Drink only bottles or purified water             and avoid ice cubes-drink plenty of             liquids.

      -Eat fruits and vegetables the are                   freshly peeled or cooked. Peel it, boil           it, cook it or forget it!

      -Eat foods that are recently cooked and         served piping hot.

      -Wash your hands often.

      -​Protect yourself against mosquito                 bites. Use repellents containing at               least 30% DEET.

      -Avoid contact with animals. Seek                 medical advice if you get bitten or               scratched by an animal.


      -Do not swim or wade into fresh water.

      -Use sun block with minimum SPF of             15.


      -Always use a condom if you have sex           with someone you meet when                     traveling.

​      -Always wear a seatbelt. Motor vehicle           accidents are the most common cause         of death among travellers.